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Got a senior relative or someone that is not as mobile as they would like to be? Worried that if they need medical help all they going to get is an operator on the end of the phone that doesn`t realize the client can`t speak so instant help is needed. As in one instance ( as we know of ) the warden contacted the council`s emergency call out workmen.

That is where the our Home call system (HCS) comes in. With our HCS you get a instant response. Once the system is activated a call is received at our 24 hour communications centre, There is no need for the patient to speak as each HCS has a unique identification code so the client and address is instantly identified. The 24 hour control room immediately notifies one of our rapid response vehicles to attend the premises if required the ambulance service can be notified, if requested next of kin will be informed.

As this is purely a medical Alert service all calls are treated as emergency calls and given priority response.

Due to aims to be on scene within 10 minutes of any activation we are selective on our area of coverage.



For People at risk
Summoning emergency help quickly and easily in life-threatening situations is essential but it's often taken for granted that facilities and the ability to make the call will always be available. For many individuals working alone there is a far greater risk that they could encounter life-threatening situations and so need reassurance that should the time come assistance will be at hand. Employers also have a "duty of care" to ensure that they reduce and manage the risk that their employees may face in the performance of their jobs.

MY-SOS has been developed to offer assurance to people at risk through a personal alarm that is robust, easy to carry and simple to use. It is aimed primarily at the lone worker and VIP market where individuals are at risk of violent attack, but is suitable for many other applications.
MY-SOS continually monitors its location through the use of global satellite positioning (GPS) and stores the information in memory. Pressing the large red and green buttons simultaneously sends an alarm call via GSM that includes the unique identification number of the device and positional coordinates to a 24/7/365 response centre. Software at the response centre immediately associates the identification number to personal details of the user and displays the information on screen with a map pin-pointing the location of the user. At the same time a microphone in the device can be automatically turned on so that an operator can "listen" to help determine the situation - a speaker also gives the ability of a two-way conversation between the operator and the user. (This feature along with others can be enabled / disabled.)

The operator will inform the relevant emergency authority immediately giving essential information about the user and also their whereabouts, which in many cases may not be known by the user. Also if MY-SOS moves more than 30 meters within a pre-specified time after an alarm call has been made the device will send another message to the response centre giving the new co-ordinates. This will ensure that the helping authority always knows the position of the person in distress even if they move.

To ensure quality of service, all our monitoring services are undertaken by a independant dedicated Alarm receiving centre.

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